About Me

I'm happily married and a mom of two amazing boys. Sometimes, my only refuge from a house full of testosterone is to get lost in a book.

I'm a sucker for stories that terrify me, leaving me with nightmares. I always have a book with me so that I can read a few pages no matter where I am, whether it's in the dentist's chair or at long red lights. I love aliens, zombies, demons, ghosts ... pretty much any kind of monster imaginable.

Authors' books are the sum of all of their energy, time, and heart. I have always been passionate about reading, and I love being able to promote authors. If, with my tiny corner of the web, I can help them find just one more reader who loves their books, then I'm happy.

Authors, keep writing, and we passionate readers will keep buying and reading. It's a win-win love affair.